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Basketball definitely is a famous sport in the United States. Almost everyone plays basketball or has at least tried to play basketball at least once in his or her life.

Basketball turned out to be developed by a Canadian fitness instructor named Dr James Naismith. He was instructed to develop a new game to entertain people at the YMCA. His mother and father were originally Scottish immigrants who travel to North America around 1851. When James was younger he was always athletic and a great gymnast. He played football for McGill University where he studied physical education obtaining a Bachelor degree.

It was in the United States in December of 1891, where he was instructed to come up with a new game for people to play indoors. He had to figure out how big the room was to be and how many people where to play this new game. He recalled participating in a game called the “duck on a rock” as a child and determined to apply some of the same ideas into this new game. The type of basketball that James Naismith created was not the same type of basketball that we play today for when he invented the game the teams consisted of nine players in each team, it still included the same things basketball like a basket ball and two baskets, but the N.B.A. in 1949 dropped the nine man team to a five man teams.

In January of 1892, James Naismith created the rules of basketball. These rules ended up being quite similar to the rules in today’s basketball.. The biggest difference between the two was the lack of dribbling. During the time that James Naismith players would just throw the ball to one another. Even though Naismith is credited with inventing the game of basketball and the rules of basketball, Dr. Naismith is not basketball legends credited however with the concept of dribbling which is a major factor in basketball today.

The game basket ball was an overnight success and as a result James Naismith has gone down as the man who invented basketball.

The National Basketball Association was created in 1949 when the Basketball Association of America and the National Basketball League were merged.

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